Meet Sheri and Emily

Sheri….  I would like to tell you a little about myself…. My name is Sheri and I grew up in a daycare home. My youngest sister is 10 years younger than me and when he was 3 years old my Mom started to do daycare.  I have been around little kids since I was 10!!My Mom started did until she was 80 years old!

My husband was in the Air Force when we got married. We got orders to Germany in 1991 where we lived for almost 4 years and had our 2nd daughter.  In 1994 we came back to the States and I decided that I would stay at home with our girls and do daycare for others. I had been doing some daycare while we were overseas, and I really enjoyed being with the kids and helping them develop, learn and grow. My husband is retired now, but I understand the military life and I am available for extra hours during military exercises on the Offutt Air Force Base. I have also sent video clips to parents while deployed overseas so that they can still be part of their child’s day.

In 2006, we added to our family. We adopted our younger 2 children that at the time were 3 and 6 years of age. Our oldest 2 girls are now married and have children of their own. In fact, Emily works with me!!

All the children I have had in my daycare have a place in my heart. I still have former children coming to visit me and fill me in on their lives. It’s great to know that I mean as much to them as they do to me.

Emily….  Emily was 2 years old when I started doing daycare.  She has helped me since she was about 5 years old doing things at daycare.  She has always loved kids and hopes to have 4 to 6 kids of her own!  After high school graduation Emily went to college for elementary education.  After being there for a year she really missed being with the little ones.  She left college and worked in a daycare center for a year.  She was in charge of a room of 8 2-year olds at the center, without a co-teacher.  The center loved her because she had grown up in my daycare.  She was their youngest lead teacher ever.  Emily got married and started working with me.  Emily has been a great addition to our daycare!!

We are licensed in the State of Nebraska for up to 12 children. We do daycare for infants up until they start kindergarten. We are CPR and First Aid Certified and belong to a Food Service Program. All meals and snacks are approved by the USDA Child Care Food Program.

Daycare has been a part of our lives for so long and we enjoy each and every child that walks through our door. Daycare has been great for my family, me and the children in our care. We have all learned new things from each other. I did daycare for several years for 2 deaf boys. That was a GREAT learning experience for all of us. I took sign language classes through Boys Town and we all learned how to communicate with each other. We have learned a lot of social skills and whenever someone has a question we don’t know the answer to, we go to the Internet and figure it out together.  Do you know how a baby duck comes out of an egg?  We do, we watched a video clip!! There have been so many things we have learned together!!

All the children have a place in my heart. I still have former children coming to visit me and fill me in on their lives. It’s great to know that I mean as much to them as they do to me.

Shari Sig