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Sheri Koski

The Learning and Play Place
 Home Daycare

Blackhawk Subdivision

Bellevue NE 68123




We were lucky to find Sheri and The Learning and Play Place over seven years ago when my oldest child was two. When my husband and I were hunting for a day care provider we had come to the conclusion that this person was essentially going to be helping us raise our child(ren). We knew what we were looking for, so when we found Sheri we were very grateful. It's difficult to trust strangers with our babies but Sheri has proven time and time again that she's the best in the business. We have always felt open communication, understanding and genuine caring from Sheri. We also appreciate all the time she has spent teaching our children in preschool as I feel they are both ahead of the game. I know that has a lot to do with the dedication that is given to our kids. Our youngest is now going into kindergarten and we are sad that we won't see her every day.

 ~ Megan Schroeder  



Our daughter Gracie started daycare at Sheri's in 2004, when she was 18-months old.  We were looking for a more structured daycare where she would grow and learn.  We were so pleased at how much Sheri was involved in our child's life while at daycare.  Gracie learned so much from her pre-school and was well-prepared for kindergarten above and beyond the other students.  She loved going to the park and enjoyed all the other holiday activities that they did.  We are still friends with Sheri  today because of how well she cared for our daughter while she was at daycare.

 ~ Liz and Joe Taylor


"In 2008 I moved with my husband and kids from Minnesota to Nebraska to follow an incredible job opportunity. I had just a short 5 day time frame to find housing, daycare and school for my oldest. I found Sheri by luck and met with her right away. My first impression was that she was a very nice lady who seems to run a tight ship. Almost two years later, I can tell you she is a great friend, a great teacher for my kids, a great listener when you need her, and she even gives good advice once in a while. :) We love both her and her family, and I can't imagine her not being a part of our life."

 ~ Erica O’Gorman


I can remember the nightmare we had trying to find a good daycare for our son, Kiefer. The sense of relief we felt when we found YOU will stay with me forever! We will always be grateful to you for the loving care you provided for both of our boys. They felt safe and secure in your home and loved coming to see you and the other daycare kids. We still have the Little Brown Bear book that you gave to Connor to help him learn to read. We were so pleased with the way you were kind, but firm, with our boys. They learned how to get along with others and respect themselves and others--great lessons to learn before going off to school! We appreciate, so much, the wonderful care you gave to our boys. Thanks, Sheri!

~ Love, Candi and Matt Musiel


"It's always hard to leave your firstborn in someone else's care. In time, bringing Micah to your house seemed like we were dropping him off with family. It is always a good feeling to know the person caring for your child truly loves them and wants the best for them. There were several times where you were a big help with all my new mommy questions, as you have so much experience caring for children. I am now able to stay home with my kids, but I truly feel blessed that we had such wonderful care for Micah when we needed it."

 ~ Jennifer King



I sent all 3 of my children to Sheri's house for daycare and preschool.  Two of them started as infants and went there until they started school.  What I loved the most about Sheri and her daycare was the loving and home-like environment that was present. The kids loved to go and I felt very confident that they were well taken care of and at the same time they were each valued for their unique characteristics and personalities. At the same time, she provided structure so that the kids learned routines and expectations.  This carried over into preschool and then on into elementary school.  


They all learned a lot in the preschool program as well and did really well once they started kindergarten because most of the information was review by then. Our family has many happy memories from Sheri's house and her whole family and would highly recommend her daycare to anyone.

                                                                                                                ~ Amy B.


My youngest son went to Ms. Sheri’s and loved every second of it.   I loved the fact that I knew my son was being well taken care of and that he loved going to her house.  It made it easier to be a working parent knowing that he was going to be cared for and loved by his “daycare mom”.

                                                                                                                ~ Amy R.


I found Sheri and we clicked immediately.  She took the time to learn sign language with me and my son and we all learned (with a lot of laughing) at the same time.  She took care of my son when I deployed and I was able to concentrate on my work knowing my son was being taken care of by his “other mom”!  We still keep in touch and my son visits her when he’s in the area.  Sheri and her family are like extended family and I’m sure my son is the awesome young man he is today because of her influence.  

                                                                                                 ~ Veronica Moody


 Sheri is the first babysitter I remember.  I had fun at her house and I love her like a mom!

                                              ~ AJ Moody (former daycare “son” of Sheri)


Mrs Sheri's daycare was very accommodating to our military schedule. Our son Aaron was there for 3 years. I especially loved the preschool program that she did with the kids. He was well prepared for KDG. She also did a lot of fun and creative projects and always celebrated holidays and Bdays.

                                                                                                       ~ Aileen


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