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  At The Learning and Play Place  I believe that learning is a very important part of child development.  Children learn with everything they do throughout their day.  There are MANY teaching moments in our days.  It may be as simple as a child asking why something works the way it does and then we explore and figure it out together.  We have a formal preschool program Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We start our weeks on Monday with a day of fun, games and free play.  This helps us get back into the swing of things after our weekends.   Fridays we have another fun day to unwind and use some of the things we have learned during the week in our play.  We may start off preschool with some exercise or maybe dancing to some music.   We finish every day with a story and then music time with singing and everyone playing their own instrument.



At The Learning and Play Place our preschool is targeted to your child. We have our circle time to find out what day it is and what the weather is like outside. We also review our letters, numbers, shapes, and colors together. We do a daily craft together alsop and then split up into 2 groups. The older kids work on writing their letters and mubers and getting prepared for kindergarten, while the younger kids go into the other room where they can move a little more. They work on their body parts as well as go over the shapes, colors, letters and numbers in fun ways. The kids are always proud of the things they make in school and can't wait to show their parents when they come to pick them up. The kids are always proud of the things they make in school and can’t wait to show their parents when they come to pick them up.


I chose the preschool prackage we use  because they believe what I believe – that learning is about the process not the product and that all children develop at varying rates.  This program is great for all developing levels.  I believe that children are like sponges and pick things up very fast.  Children of all ages LOVE to learn! 



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